Local Dues

OVFOA LOCAL DUES of $30.00 must be paid yearly during the period of June 1 thru June 30. After June 30, a $16.00 penalty must be paid. The dues paid during this period are for the current Football season.

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State of Ohio Requirements

For all requirements and other information related to officiating in the State of Ohio including but not limited to: Meeting Attendance, Classification Upgrades, Permit Renewal, Tournament Selection, Suspensions, Code of Ethics, and Required Forms -  View Handbook or Visit OHSAA site or Visit MyOHSAA

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2020 Local Meetings

All class 1 and class 2 officials are required to attend at least 4 local association meetings every year. All in-person OVFOA meetings will be held at Sycamore High School on Cornell Rd.

Here are the dates for the OVFOA meetings:
  • 8-5-2024 (In-Person)
  • 8-12-2024 (In-Person)
  • 8-19-2024 (In-Person)
  • 8-26-2024 (TBA)

All OFVOA meeting times are at 7:00pm.

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