In 1927, a group of dedicated men joined together for the purpose of forming an association of officials to serve the interest of competitive athletics – amateur, interscholastic, and professional. This association of officials has grown to the respected status it enjoys today, based upon the wisdom, strength, and integrity of those original members. We now currently have over 200 members and are still growing.

President: Chris Anderson
Vice President: David Scott Jr.
Technical Advisor: Jerry Sallee
Mechanics Advisor: Bob Eckert
Secretary: Bob Kruthaupt
Treasurer: Mike Harbison
Sargent At Arms: Ron Baird
Technology Officer: Jeff Joy

Term expires 2023

Chris Anderson
Ron Baird
Mike Harbison

Term expires 2024

Paul Elliott
David Scott Jr
Andy Stefik

Term expires 2025

Richard Boylan
Clint Coleman
Rob Lambert

Constitution Policy Committee: Jerry Sallee (Chair) – Mark Kling - Jim Abbott
Legal, Ethics, Grievance & Public Relations Committee: Jerry Sallee (Chair) – Ron Baird - Bernie Bouchard
Recruiting Committee: Chris Sheldon (Chair) – Paul Elliot - Andy Stefik
Program & Education Committee: Chris Sheldon (Chair) – Jerry Sallee – Jeff Joy
Budget & Auditing Committee: Bob Kruthaupt (Chair) – Chris Anderson
Nominating Committee, Life Membership & Hall of Fame : Chris Sheldon (Chair) - Bob Eckert
Social & benevolent Committee: Bob Eckert (Chair) - Mike Harbison - Chris Anderson
Technology Committee: Jeff Joy (Chair) - Mike Harbison - Mark Kling